WCA Sino Americas Meeting Report

Camelot are proud members of the World Cargo Alliance and last week had the pleasure of attending a regional meeting the group held in Miami, Florida.  With more than six hundred attendees from all over the globe, the chances to network with existing and future business partners were plentiful and successful.

WCA Sino Americas Meeting Report

Several of our customers are familiar with the names of current global business partners.  From India, Pawan Kakkar and his team from Quick Silver are exemplary.

Quick Silver had a booth and we plan a longer form feature on Quick Silver in the coming weeks.

One of our customers has had need of the unique touch of Mathez in the south of France and through Monaco for some neat and expensive items that make their way to the yachting community.  We ship this cargo globally, but we have had several shipments under severe time constraints and Frédéric Mercier and his team have shone through every single time.

WCA Sino Americas Meeting Report

Another client who has carpets and high end furniture uses Fast Forward Freight in both the Netherlands and Belgium to get their goods to the USA.  We ship by air and sea from Europe all over the United States for this client and the communication on both sides for ourselves as well as the shipper and consignee couldn’t be better.

WCA Sino Americas Meeting ReportFinally, we have the pleasure of working in Germany with Angelfreight.  Pictured with Scott is Silvia Glock, their Vice President.  Angelfreight handles air and sea freight exports to the USA.

This was a tremendously productive meeting where we met partners from Central and South America, Europe and Africa who want to work with us.  It is always a breath of fresh air to go and meet to discuss new and existing business and we hope to share that energy with all of you.


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