New Camelot Additions: Ellie Raye, Scott Richmond and Giuliana Rose

We are pleased to announce that our Camelot family has grown by two employees and one baby.

Ellie Raye

Ellie Raye

Rejoining Camelot for a second tour is Ellie Raye and we are pleased to have her back.  Ellie returns after heading up the Chicago handling facility for Menzies Aviation, which their UK parent company closed as part of a cost control strategy.  Ellie got her start in the industry more than thirty-five years ago working for Atlantic Container Line and has touched nearly every facet of the international supply chain; air, sea, warehouse and again brokerage and forwarding with Camelot.  While with us previously, Ellie passed the Customs broker examination and earned her license. We are extremely happy to have Ellie back and she says, “I’m happy to have rejoined Camelot to expand my knowledge of the import business.”

Ellie can be reached directly by phone at (847) 737-6978 or by e-mail at

To add strength to our carrier negotiation and contracting needs, we have hired Scott Richmond.

Scott Richmond

Scott Richmond

His family founded Richmond Transportation, a well-known trucking company in our industry and we’re ecstatic to have him on board.  Scott is a more than thirty year veteran of the industry and has experience working in the trucking and integrated logistics sectors, including a stint with Matson Integrated Logistics, a well respected company serving the needs of brokers and forwarders.

“I’m very excited to be working for Camelot and eager to learn the ins-and-outs of the import and export business,” says Scott.  Scott’s telephone number is (847) 737-6971 and his e-mail is

Giuliana Rose
Also joining our Camelot family is Giuliana Rose, Marianna Egilske’s daughter who was born on January 8th weighing in at eightpounds, three ounces and 20.5 inches.  Mom and dad are understandably proud, but her older daughter is super excited to be a big sister.
Both are doing well.  Marianna’s work has been allocated to other members of our import team.  If you are unsure of who is handling your account, just call (847) 678-5400 or e-mail Tom or Kellie and they will put you in touch with your representative.

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