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From the President’s Desk…

January 20, 2016.

The Camelot Company today celebrates its 39th year in business.  Gee, whiz, when I think back, the company’s first capital investment was a Smith-Corona typewriter from McDade’s for $225.00.

When Camelot began, I always was able to beat my competition because as a company of one, I did it with speed.  When I hired my first employee, I had to create another marketing advantage.  With each successive enhancement to the company, I kept seeking that new advantage, that thing that made Camelot different from our competition.

If there is one maxim that has held true over the years, it is that we always want to know more than our competitors and our goal is to share it with our customers first.  We still strive to do our best on each and every file we transact for our customer.

With that, I say thank you to each of you who has made Camelot what we are today; one of the leading Customs brokers and freight forwarders in Chicago.

Tom Case


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