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Customs Brokerage


We work with clients to secure rulings and opinions from Customs before their goods are shipped to insure there are no delays or questions about the duty rate. We work hand-in-hand with clients and their Customs attorneys on matters pertaining to admissibility, rules of origin and additions or deductions to the cargo’s entered value.At Camelot our extensive experience with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection combined with our great depth of knowledge of classifications and proper valuation provides exceptional value for our clients. With five licensed Customs Brokers on our staff, we have experience handling all commodities. Each client is paired with one of our account executives who works closely with them to to insure the maximum amount of attention to detail is provided from beginning to end.

We have built our business on the belief that there is more to a Customhouse Broker than just a Customs entry. Call us for a no cost/no obligation review of your import program and experience firsthand how our knowledge can directly benefit your company.

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