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Cargo Insurance Coverage

cargoAre you aware that all participants of the supply chain limit their liability and the chances of recovering full value in case of a loss are minimal at best?

Standard Carrier Liability
Airlines $20.00 per kilogram
Steamship Lines $500.00 per package
Truckers $50.00 per shipment

In fact, if containers are damaged or lost at sea during an ocean voyage, a carrier declares a condition called “general average” and all the other cargo owners on the boat must help pay for that lost cargo.

Cargo insurance placed through our Lloyds-listed agency offers our clients the ability to protect their rights in the event of a claim for loss or damage. The coverage offered is warehouse to warehouse and varies based on the commodity and points between which it is being shipped. Our agency proactively offers competitive rates for shipping project or high-value cargo. Large importers and exporters with favorable claims histories can see even lower rates. A network of claims agencies also ensures the swiftest review and settlement for injured parties.


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