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Camelot provides global air freight services between any two points on the globe, including the US and the rest of the world.



Camelot is a fully licensed and bonded Ocean Transportation Intermediary as recognized by the Federal Maritime Commission.



Camelot is a full service Customs brokerage and freight forwarding company located in Chicago, Illinois, offering worldwide logistics services.

Is your freight forwarder different from us?

Freight forwarders aren’t asset owners. We all use the same planes, trains, and vessels to move goods between points.
The difference comes in our experience, technology and global partners who speed your goods through the supply chain to be delivered to you or your customer.

Every competitor Looks Good.

Ever seen a horse race? Picking the winner from a field of identical looking competitors isn’t easy. Look at their record. Look at their pedigree. Ask around. Our vendor and agent partners love working with us. Our competitors are wary of us. Call us to find out why.

Is this How You Look at Logistics?

We know how to put our rates in a table and sort from lowest to highest. But freight rates don’t say anything when it comes to potential tens of thousands of dollars in savings throughout the whole supply chain.  Cheapest may look like an easy choice, but it’s far from the best one.

Which is of More Value: The Data or the Contents?

It’s on order. Everybody there knows that. Whether it’s shipped, where it is and when it will arrive are the most frequently asked questions. We know that, so we’ve constructed a tracking system to tell you anytime, day or night, start to finish. Make it tough on them to come up with new questions.

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